Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Cast on, knit ... hmmm ... rip back ... cast on, knit ...

That's how my knitting has been going recently!

But now things are improving so a few started projects to share today, and I'm linking up with the Yarn Along over on Ginny's blog. Finally got around to adding the link to my sidebar too!

Last year I spun a whole fleece from raw fleece from a farm nearby. A Zwartble/Suffolk cross, a lovely long bouncy soft wool in light grey. I love this wool! I love these fleeces and happily have more, even with sending out a couple of fleeces of it recently and hopefully will pick up more again this year.

I have ended up with more than 1kg of this fibre spun and plied, not sure of the yardage - may try and work that out though. Some I sent to other spinners to try, some has been used in other projects. With the remaining skeins I have wanted to knit myself something to wear with this wool. Queue lots of ravelry searches for something, deciding on a pattern and then changing my mind ... several times.

One of many cast-on projects

I finally settled on something in the New Year and cast on, only to do about 10 rows and decide I didn't like it. Ripped back to ball of yarn. I won't bore you with details but suffice to say this happened at least another couple of times!
Project in progress now

But now I have decided what to do with it, although I have ripped it back twice as I hadn't got the right gauge or look and have been changing needle sizes. Oh and one time it was ripped back after doing about 8 inches because I had dropped a stitch very early on and couldn't fix it! But it is on it's way now. This will be a long term project - it's a sleeveless cardigan with hood so a lot of knitting to be done, and I get a little bored doing the same thing all the time so this will be ongoing and picked up, put down regularly. But here it is started, so I can share more on this one day.

a tunic for Imogen

I have also had an idea to knit Imogen a tunic style top/dress in some lovely King Cole Riot DK I have. Again I have gone through several pattern changes in my head on this one too (see a pattern with me!) but decided on a pattern, have cast on and knitted some of this one.Again a long term one, but hopefully between the two I shall make steady progress and when bored of one I can pick up the other.

Or there is always the option of casting on something else ...

isn't there always something else?
(actually there are a couple of other works in progress too!)

Oh and I nearly forgot about the reading part of the Yarn Along. Well, still slowly reading the same fiction book (so tired at bedtime though). However at other times I am devouring several spinning, yarn design and dyeing books for inspiration, developing my spinning, etc, etc. Lots of wonderful books, some bought 2nd hand, some borrowed that I would love to buy but at £80plus for 2nd hand copies, that ain't going to happen. Lots of ideas running around in my head, forming on paper and on the to do list.
Other reading - some spinning magazines and articles, and the latest copy of Living Crafts just dropped through the letterbox too.

Looking forward to catching up with other blog projects.


  1. Hope this is THE project, after all that effort you have put in to spinning the wool and researching the right thing to make, plus all that ripping back!

  2. Och - I know the feeling - so many lovely ideas out there, but which one to choose? And when you do, then you see at least 4 more that you like better. Already on YA today I have seen things I would add to my queue - so a good job you didn't add any links too :)
    Too tired to read at night as well - not a bad thing though..

  3. there are just too many lovely items waiting to be knit, I totally understand the dilemma, thanks for sharing...

  4. Your wool looks many gorgeous natural colours.x

  5. Oh Dawn, that Zwarbltes looks wonderful. I would love to spin some up if you have any going spare. Of course, I'd pay postage. I also love the King Cole Riot range. It is so vibrant isn't it. I am in the same place - two knitting projects going on at the same time!

  6. Thanks for all your lovely messages x

    Kelly, I'd be delighted to send you some, it is a dream to spin - no need for postage as you sent me that lovely bundle last year - funny enough I dug that out yesterday and intend to get on and spin it soon. I'd forgotten how lovely it was!

    Will get some posted beginning of next week if that's okay.
    Dawn x

  7. oh my goodness your handspun wool is so amazing. i would do the same thing, wanting the perfect project to compliment the beautiful wool. good luck, what ever you choose it will be lovely!

  8. Wow, that wool is stunning. I think spinners are amazing! Especially from sheep so nearby!


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